Steve Dominey

Yorkshire & Fife Fancy Canaries

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5th JAN 2013

Bird drawing 1

Steve's Bird Room

My Essex based stud of Yorkshire and Fife Fancy canaries are housed in a brick built bird room which incorporates double glazed windows and door together with a security alarm system.


My breeding cages line the back wall with stock cages at each end of the room and are of PVC-U construction to aid low maintenance.


My ceiling and walls are lined with PVC-U shiplap, white to the ceiling and magnolia grain to the walls to aid low maintenance. My cages are painted in a gloss paint which with weekly cleaning tends to last for around three years between re painting.


My training bench, which I consider an essential birdroom item, is  of a hinged design which closes away flat against the wall when not in use.


I manage a medium sized stud, just enough to manage and to continue the line each year so my size of room which measures 6.6 meters x 2.4 meters and the amount of cages I have works for my system. I have to keep my birds in as clean environment as possible for me to gain enjoyment from them.


I now use corrugated cardboard for the flooring of my cages. Changed weekly it provides a complete dust free environment.

An oil filled radiator is all that is required in the coldest weather although its main use is during the early part of the breeding season when hens are off their nest.


Being of brickwork construction the room tends to remain  cooler than most in the hottest weather while frozen drinkers are never a problem during the coldest winter months.